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I'm Gwen, Owner and Director of The Story Tent LTD. 

Having launched The Story Tent in 2021, I have been honestly overwhelmed by the incredible response from parents, schools and the community!

I have always absolutely loved reading and stories and their ability to transport you anywhere, through the power of imagination! Having worked in education for over 12 years, and with two small children of my own, my love for children’s literature and immersive play has just grown and grown! So, in 2021, The Story Tent was born; an immersive, imaginative and sensory story-telling experience for under 5s and their grown ups!

The classes were designed to embody everything I love about early learning and education (choice, movement, freedom, exploration & wonder) all based around beautiful stories, as well creating a space for connecting with others and building communities post-lockdown.

I am so proud of what we have created, and even more so that several incredibly creative and passionate women have joined me in sharing these classes with their communities!

I currently run sessions (which I absolutely LOVE) across Cheshire and in Mold, N. Wales, and support 5 fabulous franchises across the North West. This year, we are very excited to be bringing The Story Tent to more areas around the UK.

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How we began...

The Story Tent began as a way to engage my children in stories and imaginative play, and to spend time with them in a space which made this feel safe and exciting at the same time; it began in the corner of my girls' little bedroom.


After my second child arrived, I felt that I just hadn't had time to create reading and play opportunities for them to really engage them even though they had been at home with me a lot (during lock-down).  So I began creating little set ups with stories based round a theme in the tent and then some linked play afterwards. I discovered that when the tent was up, the books were ready for them, and play was immersive, both my girls were deeply engaged (and happy!) for great periods of time - reading, chatting, playing and sharing the favourite parts of the books they discovered. It was so wonderful to see them being carried away on imaginative adventures by their favourite characters, settings and stories. 


Inspired by this concept, I decided to put my extensive background in education into bringing the magic of The Story Tent to you and your little ones, so we could share this experience with lots of other parents out there. I was joined by friend and Early Years Specialist, Hannah Seddon to help sculpt the classes into the sessions we share today. 

With over 14 years of experience in education, I have handpicked each book with purpose, crafted each session with your child's development and engagement in mind, and created exciting, sensory and creative play activities to really immerse children in the storytelling experience. 

Join us in your very own Story Tent and experience the magic of some of our favourite authors and stories as our storytellers and play activities bring them to life! 

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