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… Read More Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) today announced four exciting matchups for the UFC® 200 main event, which will take place Saturday, July 9, 2016, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event, the promotion’s flagship, will be headlined by a pair of welterweight title … Read More WORLD OF WARCARTS & GAMES™ brings the most thrilling, interactive team-based strategy and combat card game to consoles worldwide with the first downloadable content update of the year, introducing… Read MoreQ: DataContract attribute of WCF not working as expected I have a WCF service that is hosted in IIS. I create an interface, and it has the DataContract and DataMember attributes set on it. _ Public Interface IWeatherData _ Function SaveWeatherData(saveCurrentWeather As Boolean, city As String, day As String, month As String, year As String, weekOfMonth As String, temperatureString As String, windSpeedString As String, windDirectionString As String, humidityString As String, alt As String, tempsAtDate As String) As Integer Function GetCity(countryName As String) As String End Interface So, in my code, I use the service like so: Why is the data not passing into my service? A: I've just recently started with WCF myself and so far have only used web services so I'm really not sure what to make of this. But it is possible that because you are not specifying the wsi:Action, wsi:MessageContext or wsi:ReplyTo attributes that the service will be incapable of serializing the request correctly. So, if you specify




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Grey Dog Software Crack Sites
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